Arxegono in Greek means “the one born in ancient times”. This word had always seemed to perfectly articulate the imaginary the owners of this beautiful old Canava described every time we met. They’d always talk fondly of the times they spent summers with their grandparents here. Their eyes lit up when they talked about the strong scent of the freshly crushed grapes, their grandparents’ excitement over the harvest, their loud laughs echoing through the hall. They lovingly described their grandma’s persistence in serving dinner in the courtyard every evening under the starry sky, mildly scolding them for being naughty children.
 This old canava they say, “is not just property to us, it is the true essence of our childhood!” The foundations were set in 1870, when their great-grandfather started digging in the side of the hilltop, for two main areas to be created: a winery, as the family’s means of income, and a three-bedroom house for them to live in. The location was not in the slightest random; at the north for the ideal temperatures during grapes processing and wine storage, and right on the village border, so the harvest can easily be carried in by donkeys and mules. As the family grew in numbers, work for a new addition to the house begun in 1947. Labor at this era was usually undertaken by the family members, as these were times of poverty for Santorinians.
Their architectural and construction trademarks such as room carving, arched ceilings, natural elements preserved in the buildings and the use of volcanic rock, pumice, and lime, are not only surviving to this day, but are still practiced as well. As the result of such practices, the building stood proudly intact during the great volcanic earthquake of 7.5 Richter scale, back in 1956. After taking over the management and having recently renovated the complex in its entirety, it became apparent to us that preserving the past while embracing the future, should forever be our mission. Our mission is to welcome our guests in the warmth of a true Santorinian house, treat them with the attention of family members, and make sure they feel right at home. Welcome to Arxegono Cave Houses!