The “Castelli” (castle, fortress) of Pyrgos dates back to 1580, the last of five castles built by the Venetians in the Medieval era. Positioned amphitheatrically on the hilltop, it is privileged with mesmerizing views of Santorini in almost all directions. The tower, now replaced by the Monastery of St Georgios, used to guard the settlement thriving underneath; the outside walls of the houses composed the fortified surrounding border of the castelli, while there was only one gate, the “Porta” still standing proudly to this day. In the past, the entrance was obtruded at the top by a square structure with an opening at the bottom part, from which the inhabitants of the castle would pour burning oil on invaders. A sequence of whirling passageways hidden underground (unfortunately not preserved to this day), was being used as a shelter in case the settlement would ever fall into hostile hands. Once Skaros, the fortress of Imerovigli, was abandoned, the Castelli of Pyrgos became the capital of the island. The settlement is very well preserved to this day, with a still thriving, vibrant community. The old residences now host small shops, restaurants, cafés, even local homes. The picturesque village square seems to be standing still in time, as the locals have always strived to preserve their home-town characteristics, making Pyrgos one of the most charming villages of the mainland. Walking all the way up to the top, the views are dazzling at any time of the day, but the playful color display in the sunset sky is unconditionally breathtaking!